You have your own reasons for establishing an estate plan whether though a Will or a Trust. In light of your motives, the true meaning of your estate plan is to make the lives of others better. Estate plans can offer more than just self-fulfillment and aid to others; by carefully planning your estate plan with the help of legal, tax, insurance and investment professionals, you can protect those who depend on you and achieve your goals, whether they are family-related, philanthropic or otherwise.

A major factor in deciding whether to utilize a will or a trust is the fact that wills must be probated to accomplish the transfer of probate property while trusts can accomplish the transfer of property in a private manner without going through a probate court – which is the public administration and disposition of property upon your death. Regardless of whether you choose a will or a trust, experience has proven the wisdom of one who carefully considers the provisions of these estate planning documents. Having your will or trust timely and properly drawn will assure you and your loved ones that upon death the disposition of your property will be as you intended.

Farha Law, PLLC, provides an array of estate planning strategies and techniques which may appeal to you in your pursuit of establishing an enduring legacy intended to facilitate and foster fruitful opportunities for generations to come.

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